Using Repair Templates and User Status Management for an In-House Repair


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use repair templates
  • Explain user status management for an in-house repair

Repair Templates

Managing Repair Templates

It is possible to search and display repair templates in the Manage Service Order Templates app. A customer service manager can choose the tile Manage Service Order Templates on their SAP Fiori launchpad to open the app, while a customer service representative can navigate to the app from the business catalog.

  1. Important information is displayed, such as template ID, description, or life cycle status.
  2. Additional filters can be enabled under Adapt Filters.
  3. Additional columns can be enabled under Settings.
  4. Check the template information in the header screen area.
  5. Possible actions for the template: Edit navigates to the template Web UI in edit mode, Release releases the template to be used in repair orders. Create Follow-Up creates a follow-up service order (in case necessary authorization has been added to the role).
  6. The items section contains a list of template items.
  7. General Information contains information on equipment, reference product, functional location, and product ID if assigned to the template.

Creating and Using Repair Templates

  1. Choose Create to open the Create Service Order Template dialog box.
  2. Select the template type.
  3. Enter a description.
  4. Do not select the flag Service Bundle as this is not supported in this case.
  5. Enter one or more template items.
  6. Choose Save to save and open the template detail screen in display mode.
  7. Choose Save and Edit to save the entered data and to open the Web UI screen in edit mode. Data can now be changed/added, and Save needs to be chosen again when ready.

To be able to use the template, it needs to be released. Choose Release on the template detail screen to release the template. Once the template has been released, it can be used in repair orders to copy items from the template.

Once a template is released, the header and item status are automatically set to Released.

When creating a repair order, a button is available called Copy from Template. This button is available in the Plan Repairs or Perform Prechecks app (via Edit List).


Fixed price repair templates can only be used for fixed price repair orders. Repair order templates ("time and material") can only be used for repair orders.

User Status Management for an In-House Repair

User Status Management for an In-House Repair

User statuses can be defined to meet the requirements that are specific for an organization. The role Configuration Expert - Business Process Configuration is required to be able to do this.

First, the status profile containing the user statuses needs to be defined. It can then be assigned to the relevant repair order types (e.g. Repair Order and Fixed Price Repair Order) and also item categories (e.g. Service Product Item).

Once defined as explained above, these statuses can be set in the Manage Repair Order app and the Manage Repair Confirmation app.


It is possible to display the Status assignment block to display and set statuses if the related transaction type has a user status assigned. The assignment blocks for orders and confirmations need to be personalized, and for all item types (repair items, repair parts, and expense items). To display the assignment block, open the Personalization dialog, select the Display checkbox for the Status assignment block, and save.

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