Defining the Onboarding Process Steps


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  • Identify the steps in the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding process

Onboarding Process Overview

Video Summary

The Onboarding process begins when it is initiated by a recruiter. An HR representative then starts the first step by filling out information that is unknown by the new hire. The second step involves collecting mandatory information from the new hire. While the new hire completes these tasks, other company personnel may be assigned tasks to prepare for the new hire’s first day of employment. Data and documents collected during this process is then passed on to the Human Resources Information System (HRIS).  

Initiating Onboarding 

Let’s take a closer look at the onboarding process, starting with how it is initiated.

The onboarding process can be initiated from the following:  

  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management 
  • An external Applicant Tracking System
  • Admin Center - Add New Hire to Onboarding  

Using an integration with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) such as SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, the onboarding process is initiated by selecting Initiate Onboarding in the Action menu on a candidate’s profile.  


The language for the new hire is automatically set based on selections made when the onboarding process was initiated. This impacts all features that the new hire will go through in the onboarding process.

If no locale/language was selected when the onboarding process was initiated, the system picks the default local value in Provisioning (the Default Language selected in Company Settings).

Review New Hire Data (Data Verification) 

Once the onboarding process is initiated, new hire data is passed from recruiting systems and stored in a draft table. Data validity checks are done to ensure that mandatory data is complete, properly mapped, and readable. Someone from HR usually reviews new hire data as an additional validation procedure and might also need to insert more information to which the new hire does not have access. 

Upon completion of the Review New Hire Data step, a welcome message is sent to new hires with information about accessing the SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite and getting started with onboarding related activities. 

Create New Hire Tasks (Onboarding Programs)

While the new hire is setting up their access to the system, multiple tasks are generated and assigned to different onboarding participants, such as hiring managers, HR, and the IT department. These tasks can include the following tasks:

  • Assigning a new hire buddy 
  • Writing a personal welcome message 
  • Requesting equipment for the new hire  

Different sets of tasks, which are referred to as programs, can be assigned to groups of onboarding participants for each type of new hire.

Personal Data Collection

After the new hires log into SAP SuccessFactors, they can view the home page to check their outstanding tasks. Business rules configured in the system determine the accessibility of various tasks listed on cards on the home page of the new hires. These tasks can also be completed by another user, such as the hiring manager or an HR representative on behalf of a new hire, but they will need the necessary permission for this action.  

Additional Onboarding Data Collection 

After the personal data collection process is complete, the application checks for additional data requirements from Onboarding Metadata Framework (MDF) custom objects. Based on the evaluation of configured business rules, additional tasks can be assigned to new hires to collect additional data. This can be anything a company may want to capture, depending on the needs for the role of the new hire. Some examples can include company uniforms or parking spaces. 

Compliance Tasks/Forms 

Compliance forms are only generated if they are enabled in the system. Different users will be required to complete them depending on their role in the compliance process. The system currently supports the following five countries that require compliance forms: the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States of America.

Document Flow 

At this stage, all new hire documentation should be gathered. Some may require the new hire's signature. These documents will be sent to SAP SuccessFactors eSignature or DocuSign. New hires are notified of any documents that require a signature during the Document Flow step in the process.  

You can track the status of the signed document from the Onboarding dashboard. An assigned Onboarding participant can send a reminder (nudge) to a new hire to sign the document. 

When new hires finish signing all the relevant documents, the hire status is updated accordingly, and the new hires are placed in the Manage Pending Hires area in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central or be sent to any other HRIS. 

Configurable Due Date for New Hire Tasks Completion

By default, the due date for the completion of new hire tasks is the Start Date of the new hire. If you want to assign a different due date, this can be configured using the generic object Onboarding Configuration in Manage Data. The configuration is based on the number of days before the start date of the new hire.

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