Adjusting Contract Related Report Layout


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Adjust the layout of contract related reports

Report Layouts

Chris learned that he could adjust the list of the cash flow items according to his needs. He wants to maintain a specific layout. He wonders whether it is possible to save a specific layout for future use. He calls Maria and asks whether she has already experience with the creation of layouts for cash flow reports.

Select the play button to learn how to maintain and save layouts in the Cash Flow Information System app for your lease-in and lease-out contracts.

The different apps of the information system provide several functions to configure the created lists following the specific requirements and guidelines of your company. Examples for such adjustments are:

  • hide or unhide specific fields or define fields used for the rows’ axis or the columns’ axis
  • filter data by dedicated filter criteria (e.g. per contract type or contract partner)
  • sort data in accordance with different sorting criteria
  • save the defined layouts for further use.

For numeric fields like condition amounts might be necessary to aggregate data on a predefined level. To do so, you can use the sum function to calculate total values of the displayed results.

You can also create subtotals for particular fields and sort criteria. An example is the sum of conditions amounts per condition type, or per contract type.

Several apps (e.g. the app "Cash Flow Information System") provide an additional field - the field . This field can be used to count the number of list entries according to certain sort and filter criteria, e.g. the number of contracts per contract type, or the number of contracts with a specific contract start date.

As described for the "Contract Cashflow Report" app, you can also adjust the graphical display of the cashflow overview in accordance with your requirements. To do so, you can choose the dimensions for the horizontal and the vertical axes of the diagram. The number of different row dimensions defines the detail level of the diagram.

In general, there are many different functions to adjust the list layouts and the diagrams and graphics of the apps from the information system.

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