Assigning further Contract Conditions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Assign further contract conditions

Contract Attributes

Select the play button to learn how to use the additional data tabs in the contract management system.

The Memo function allows you to write important notes to the contract in the form of free text. One memo block can be added to each contract defined in the system.

Another additional useful feature is the possibility of attaching already created text or other files as an attachment. In this way it is possible to centrally store other documents that have not been created for the system according to individual contracts. However, it is important that the user can access them without a longer search.

In the System Status tab, you can see the current status of the contract you are in. That is, whether the contract is activated or not.

If necessary, the contract can be deactivated again. Of course, this is only possible if the contract has not yet been posted. Otherwise, you must first reverse the posted items.

Alternatively, it is possible to assign other statuses defined in the system to the contract. These statuses can then influence the behavior of the contract in the following data processing.

For example, it is possible to mark a contract for deletion here if it is already terminated and all obligations are settled. This is a precursor to future data archiving. Alternatively, lock the contract for other processes, such as additional data changes, account assignment changes or excluding the contract from the planning process.

If this additional status is assigned to a contract, it is also possible to delete this status here.

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