Validating Contract Data


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  • Validate Contract Data

Validate Contract Data

Select the play button to learn how to use the Check Contract function to ensure accurate data entry and avoid missing information or mistakes in your contracts. Discover the various checks performed and the importance of addressing any warnings or errors.

The system can check whether the basic and mandatory data have been maintained. If the system recognizes such an incorrect or missing entry, it will issue an error message in the log. In our contract, the date "Contract Start Date" has been deleted by mistake. In this case, this is a mandatory entry and a corresponding error message is generated. The contract cannot be saved. This is what it looks like in the log:

In the second case, the contract has already maintained all mandatory fields. However, the system has found an inconsistency. In the system, further functions are activated in Controlling, such as profit center accounting. In this case, we should also clearly assign our contract to a profit center and functional area. Otherwise, the system can create documents without a corresponding account assignment during posting and thus can lead to an inconsistency in the profit center accounting. Since it is not directly an error, the message is only issued as a warning. The contract can be saved. However, it can happen that such a warning can become an error later during the activation. The contract is then not activated and does not take part in the booking process.

The contract is always automatically checked when the data is saved. However, it is still possible to check the data in between during the maintenance process. Sometimes there is a need to check a saved contract. The user can use the "Check Contract" function for this. This will start the complete check of currently created data.

Please take care of every error and warning message in the log. In this way, you can ensure the high quality of your contract data.

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