Configuring Contingent Rates


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the use of Rates for contingent Workers.
  • Configure Rates on the Job Posting Template.


Rates are the core and central financial accounting element that determine the net cost of a contingent worker requested within a job posting, as their rate structure and planned hours to be worked derive the job posting budget amounts for the client. Rate cards are typically negotiated between a buyer and their supply base and can vary based on the position, skill level, location, and other multiple factors.

WorkingNet is a global company with an existing rate structure that reflects their rate card agreement with differing suppliers, for various contingent labor positions, in multiple locations and with varying rates.

Screenshot of a job posting template highlighting the Rates section

Configure Rates on the Job Posting Template

As one of WorkingNet’s SAP Fieldglass administrators, you’re in the process of creating a job posting template for a new position for WorkingNet’s manufacturing division: Quality Control Inspector.

You’ve already set the base details of the template, as well as the accounting details. You now have to set the rates for the Quality Control Inspector position, which are also configured in the Accounting section of the template.


Configuring Rates Without a Rate Schedule

For other positions in WorkingNet that may not operate via a rate schedule, Mateo would have a multitude of options for contingent rates.

Play the video to learn more about Mateo's rate options.

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