Navigating the Job Posting Workflows


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Compare the Full-Service, PMO Assisted, and Simplified Job Posting workflows.

Job Posting Workflows

The SAP Fieldglass Job Posting is made up of different sections with both required and optional data. This data consequently defines the specific details of a Contingent labor request. Typical data elements include things such as job title, start and end date, site, and cost center – as well as operational data elements, including rates, applicable overtime factors, and expense limits. While the data contained in a Job Posting doesn’t necessarily determine the workflow, it is important to understand that depending upon a buyer’s configuration, the workflows themselves drive the appropriate users and roles that are permitted and responsible for completing specific Job Posting data in the application.

Three Workflows

There are three main workflow options for creating and submitting the two pages of a job posting:

  • Full Service
  • Program Office Assisted
  • Simplified

Each workflow will drive the creator’s visibility and dictate which fields and pages are available. Within each of the procurement steps, there’s a lot of information to be configured ahead of time and completed throughout the transaction.

Play the video below to learn about these job posting workflows and how they're utilized in SAP Fieldglass.

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