Identifying Contingent Administration Objects


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the contingent Administrative Menu objects and explain their use.

Contingent Administration Objects

Throughout this course, we’ll be focusing on 5 specific areas of the admin menu that have a direct impact on the Contingent Job Posting workflow process.

These areas are highlighted and further summarized below for additional reference.

Screenshot of SAP Fieldglass Admin Page with highlighted sections
Screenshot of additional SAP Fieldglass Admin Page sections highlighted
1Financial Data facilitates management of the finance elements of your company, including core accounting and contingent invoicing information.
2Configuration aids enhancement of many application features to meet specific business needs that may not be part of the standard SAP Fieldglass configuration.
3Rate Structure is used to define how contingent workers get paid based on various criteria, such as job function, location, and hours worked.
4Workflow defines elements that drive the contingent flow of work for your company and ensure work is being processed efficiently.
5Worker is used to create, define, and manage information related to contingent workers, such as job posting templates, asset types, and worker qualifications.

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