Scheduling Reports and Webservices


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Schedule reports.
  • Create charts, graphs, and pivot tables, and add them to the SAP Fieldglass home page.
  • Customize report email messages.

Schedule a Report

There are times when you may need reporting data to run and deliver automatically, in the relevant format, without the need for manual execution and export. Scheduling reports is your go-to feature in SAP Fieldglass Analytics to fulfill this need.

Mateo continues to get the same report requests every month from a group of managers. He decides he should schedule these to run automatically to the group of managers.


Mateo wants to be able to run My Active Workers report via API.

To do to that he’ll select Yes on the 'API Enabled Flag' field when editing the report.

Setting the flag to yes will make the report available for API.

Screenshot of a report in edit mode highlighting the API Enabled Flag field

Create Charts and Graphs

There are a number of other things you can do with reports, the options for which are available from the Actions dropdown menu within the report itself. The options available depend on the report you’re creating.

For instance, you can create charts and pivot tables, add the report to your SAP Fieldglass home page, schedule a report to run at a particular time, and copy or remove reports.

Let’s look at one of the predefined reports that allows you to generate a chart based on its data output.

Brian, a Program Office user, wants a column chart to show all of WorkingNet’s active external workers. Here’s how Brian would create this chart.

Create a Pivot Table

Now let’s say that the Human Resources director asks Brian for a pivot table of WorkingNet’s active workers. Creating a pivot table is a little different that creating a chart. Here’s how Brian would do that.

Add Reports and Charts to the Home Page

Mateo is off to a great start in his new position and wants to add some baseline reports and charts to the SAP Fieldglass homepage for his Program Office team members. Let’s look at how he would go about doing that.

Customizing Scheduled Report Email Messages

Mateo receives questions from other managers about why they are receiving report URLs. He notes that the email notifications are very general. To help, he investigates how to customize the messaging being send out with the Report URLs.

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