Creating an Invoice Adjustment Group

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain what an Invoice Adjustment Group is in SAP Fieldglass.
  • Navigate an Invoice Adjustment Group admin object.
  • Create an Invoice Adjustment Group in SAP Fieldglass.

Invoice Adjustment Group

Invoice Adjustment Groups allow the buyer to place one or more invoice adjustments into a group. This allows adjustments to be stacked so adjustments can be made based upon other adjustments.

Administrators can configure a default Invoice Adjustment Group on Job Posting Templates within the UI. When this happens, all job postings created off that template will include the adjustments – which then flow to Work Orders/Workers.

For example, WorkingNet hires a worker for its warehouse, which is in an area in which both the city and state collect income taxes. WorkingNet must use an Invoice Adjustment Group to collect the taxes for both government units. The state taxes are taken out first, then the city taxes are taken from the remaining balance.

Using an Invoice Adjustment Group, suppliers can withhold multiple taxes in an appropriate order.

Navigating the Invoice Adjustment Group Admin Object

Select Invoice Adjustment Group from the Financial Data section of the admin menu to view a list of adjustment groups associated to WorkingNet’s tenant.

Create an Invoice Adjustment Group

To ensure compliance with regulations and laws in the United Kingdom, WorkingNet wants taxes grouped together so they can be defaulted on job posting templates for positions in their London office.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will create the invoice adjustment group required for this purpose.

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