Creating Custom Lookups


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Custom Lookup functionality and explain when and how it might be used.
  • Associate a Custom Lookup to a Job Posting Template.

Custom Lookups

Custom Lookups are functionality within SAP Fieldglass that facilitate custom logic for various areas within the application. Based on keys and values a customer can define within a lookup table, the application utilizes that data to help determine and direct a user to a particular object or result based on the logic and variables that are defined within the functionality.

The custom lookup illustrated here was created to determine when and how a supplier’s rates should change based upon the defined segments.

Screenshot of a Custom Lookup details page showing the tiered segments that define the logic of the lookup.

Create a Custom Lookup

In the configuration of a job posting, using a qualification type custom lookup ensures that the appropriate qualifications or skills are automatically applied to a requisition based on defined key factors.

You now need to create a custom lookup for WorkingNet’s job posting qualifications. This will mean a specific set of fields chosen by the hiring manager will drive which qualifications are added to a job posting.

Let’s walk through how you, the Administrator for WorkingNet, will create a qualification custom lookup in SAP Fieldglass.

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