Creating Rate Categories


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a Rate Category in SAP Fieldglass.

Rate Category

The Rate Category indicates the basis for the pay rate.

It provides users with a method for grouping rates and hours submitted against those rates. Basically, the rate category determines how much a worker will get paid both within and outside of the standard working hours.

You’ll commonly see rate categories represented in the accounting section of job postings, where you will be required to confirm the amounts that are associated to the categories for that specific job.

Rate Categories group rates together for use on job postings.

Screenshot showing the accounting section of a job posting.

Navigating the Rate Category Admin Object

screenshot of the Rate Structure section of the Admin Menu, the Rate Category link is highlighted
1To review the list of rate categories used by the tenant, select Rate Category from the Company Structure section of the admin menu.

Rate Category List Page

Rate categories are mandatory when creating a rate. The three categories listed are standard in SAP Fieldglass. If additional categories are required when creating a rate structure, they must be created before any other component of the rate.

screenshot of Rate Category List page with the ST, OT, and DT links in the Code column highlighted
2ST represents Standard Time. The rate of worker pay for the standard number of hours worked per day.

OT represents Overtime. The rate a worker will get paid beyond the standard hours.

4DT represents Double Time. The rate a worker will get paid for hours worked under different conditions than the standard workday, such as weekends or holidays.
 Selecting a link in the Code column will open the details page for that rate category.

Rate Category Details Page

A Rate Category is mostly a placeholder for associating specific amounts based on a particular job type. These amounts differ based on job type and site, among other variables.

screenshot of OT Rate Category Details page, the Sequence detail and the Rate Type detail are highlighted
5The optional Sequence setting allows you to set the order in which the rate category appears on job postings and time sheets.
6The Rate Type setting is required to set the basis for any rates created in addition to the three standard rates. As this is the OT rate category, the basis is automatically set as itself.

Create a Rate Category

WorkingNet is creating a new Customer Support position for their London Office. It will need a new rate structure in SAP Fieldglass in order to accommodate the regional characteristics of a UK-based workforce.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you’re tasked with creating that rate structure. The first thing you must do is create a rate category.

This new position requires 24/7 coverage, so there will be two overnight shifts that will pay a premium over the regular ST, OT, and DT rates that are assigned to the day shift. So two additional rate categories are needed to capture the rate: one for a night shift and one for a morning. You’ve already added the rate category for the morning shift, so now you’ll add the night rate.

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