Creating Unit Types


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate a Unit Type admin and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass.

Unit Type

Unit Types are used when creating unit-based rates or defining fees in SOWs.

Unit Based rate types are used when workers are paid by the number of tasks or items completed. The Unit Type indicates the item or task that must be completed. For example, if Carla is paid $10 for every widget she assembles, the Unit Type is created to represent the widget.

The unit type must be created before the unit-based rate.

If the customer is not using unit-based rates, no unit types are needed.

screenshot of statement of work showing the pay rate defined as number of units

Navigating the Unit Type Admin Object

screenshot of the Financial Data section of the Admin Menu, the Unit Types link is highlighted
1To view a list of units associated to the tenant, select Unit Type from the Financial Data section of the admin menu.

Unit List page

The unit measurements that rates can be associated to will be listed here. There is minimal information presented: just the unit type’s code, name, and optional description.

screenshot of Unit List page, the Each link in the Code column is highlighted
2To view the details of the unit type, select an appropriate link in the Code column.

Unit Details page

Unit types exist solely for the purpose of creating items tracked by unit-based rates, so the only information provided is the code, name, optional description, and whether the item represents a product.

screenshot of the Each unit type Details page highlighting the Product detail
3If Yes is selected in the Product field, the unit type represents a physical object. This data point does not affect system functionality; it allows reports to include or exclude items based on this field.

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