Defining an Asset Type


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create an Asset Type in SAP Fieldglass.

Asset Types

The Asset Type allows you to create a list of company-issued property that is distributed to contingent and SOW workers such as badges and laptops.

Asset types allow you to keep track of company assets that are distributed to workers, such as laptops, mobile devices, or any company-owned equipment that is required for the worker to perform their duties.

Users can manually add assets to workers by selecting ‘+Add Assets’ from the ‘Rates & Assets’ tab on the worker record.

If Assets are assigned to a worker, they appear on the Rates & Assets tab of the worker's record.

screenshot emphasizing the Worker Assets section of the Rates & Assets tab of a work order

Navigating the Asset Type Admin Object

screenshot of Worker section of the Admin Menu, the Asset Type link is highlighted
1To view a list of asset types associated to the tenant, select Asset Types from the Worker section of the admin menu.

Asset Type List page

By selecting Asset Type within the admin menu, the page will display a list of company-issued property that can be assigned to Workers.

screenshot of Asset Type list page, the Workers column and the Laptop link in the Code column are highlighted
2The headcount for Workers who have this asset type assigned to their account. The numbers in this column are selectable and will take you directly to the page listing the workers who were assigned that asset.
3To view the details of an asset type, select an appropriate link in the Code column.

Asset Type Details page

An asset type record requires few characteristics: just the asset’s code, name, and an optional description. Since it is a data object that is used primarily to establish associations, the associations tree displays the important information about the asset. In this case, the Workers tile links to the page listing the workers who were assigned that asset.

screenshot of Laptop Details page

Create an Asset Type

WorkingNet provided their contingent worker Joe with a cell-enable tablet. The tablet was assigned an Asset Type so that SAP Fieldglass could track its allocation to Joe.

Here’s how you would create and assign the Asset Type to the tablet assigned to Joe.

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