Defining Job Posting Template Rules


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain how Job Posting Template rules affect Job Posting behavior.
  • Configure Job Posting Template rules for the Job Posting, Job Seeker, Work Order, Time/Expense, and Invoicing.
  • Differentiate the process impact when using auto engage and auto register.


Job posting templates contain rules that define aspects of the job posting and its workflow. Many of the options and rules available for selection on the template are based on company configuration settings and administrative setup options. There are a large number of rules that can be configured to tailor a job posting template to a buyer’s business needs.

Screenshot of a job posting template highlighting the Rules section

Configure Rules on the Job Posting Template

As one of WorkingNet’s SAP Fieldglass administrators, you’re in the process of creating a job posting template for a new position for WorkingNet’s manufacturing division: Quality Control Inspector.

You’ve already set the base details of the template, the accounting details, and the rates for the Quality Control Inspector position. The final accounting step is to configure Rules. This is the final step in configuring the Accounting section of the template.

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