Editing System Variables


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Edit a System Variable in SAP Fieldglass.

System Variables

System Variables determine the fields or data values on a document that can be included in messages or displayed on the Summary Tab. They are predefined and module specific.

For instance, here’s a standard details section of a job posting, showing a description, number of positions, and the service type. What happens when you use the admin menu to add additional details?

Image depicting a screencap of JP Details on summary tab showing information for Description, Business Unit, and Site, followed by the System Variable edit page with the Coordinator, Number of Positions, Service Type, Job Code, and Start Data options checked; followed by a revised screencap of the JP Details on summary tab showing the new information

When new options are selected on the System Variables Edit page, those options appear on the summary tab of the job posting.

Navigating the System Variables Admin Object

screenshot of the Messaging section of the Admin Menu, the System Variables link is highlighted
1To view the list of applicable modules associated to a tenant, select System Variables from the Messaging section of the admin menu.

System Variables List Page

Since the system variables are defined by module, new variables cannot be created. The existing modules, however, can be edited.

screenshot of System Variables List page, with the Count of Variables column and the link to Consolidated Invoice listed in the Module column are highlighted
2Count of Variables indicates the number of variables that are available on the related module. These variables will be listed on the details page of the respective module and can be enabled/disabled.
3To view the system variables details of a specific module, select an appropriate link in the Module column.

System Variables Details Page

Each module will display the various sections that can populate within a notification, as well as the available system variables. Each listed variable can be enabled/disabled by selecting the Edit button and checking or unchecking the respective checkboxes.

screenshot of Job Posting System Variable Details page, with the Details section, the Messaging column, the Summary/Tabs column, and the Accounting section are highlighted
4The Details table lists the default variables for the selected module.
5The Messaging checklist that indicates if and where the related data will appear if activated.
6Summary Tabs/Pages indicates if the related data will appear on a document’s summary tab. This column is available only for modules that display summary tabs, such as Job Postings, Work Orders, and SOWs.
7Depending upon the module selected, additional variables may be listed in the Accounting section that can be enabled/disabled.

Edit System Variables

WorkingNet wants to include the corporate name in the subject line and message text of any messages concerning time sheets.

To do that, you must edit the system variables for the Time Sheet module. This exercise will show you how to do that.

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