Ending a Worker Assignment


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • End a Worker’s assignment.
  • Explain the process of Replacing a Worker.

Ending a Worker Assignment

Worker Assignments can come to a close in SAP Fieldglass for a number of reasons. Typically, when the defined Work Order duration ends, the assignment logically and automatically terminates, leaving the Worker record as closed. However, if a worker leaves an assignment early, doesn’t show up, or the buyer wishes to terminate the assignment for other circumstances or reasons, a manual closing of the Worker and termination of the Work Order can be completed. Regardless of the reasoning, once the Work Order is deemed closed, the individual Worker record can be closed as well by the buyer company depending upon their operational processes.

Screenshot of a worker record showing the Close Worker modal window.

Close a Worker

Let’s say hello again to our friend Mavis, the hiring Manager of Network Engineering at WorkingNet. Mavis needs to close the Worker record of our other friend Joe in SAP Fieldglass, due to an unexpected departure attending jury service. Here’s how she’ll perform that action:

Replacing Workers

Program teams may in some cases need to close and replace a worker simultaneously. The process is similar to closing a worker but includes the added step of a new job posting generated by the application automatically, mirroring that which the original worker was hired against.

Screenshot of a worker record emphasizing the Replace Worker option in the Action dropdown men.

Replace a Worker

Mateo has just got off the phone with Mavis, who called to let him know that a new worker who was due to start today has not shown up to work. Mateo therefore needs to replace the worker as soon as possible. Here’s how he’d process that in SAP Fieldglass:

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