Managing Activity Items


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create an Activity Item in SAP Fieldglass.

Activity Item

Activity Items are assigned to users who must act on work items that are part of an organization’s procurement workflow.

Activity items can include such tasks as managing workers, tracking signatures, evaluating workers or suppliers, completing questionnaires, and reviewing SOW Bids.

Really, Activity Items can consist of almost any activity necessary for ensuring that the procurement workflow is operating effectively.

Activity Items are listed on the Activity Items tab of transactions, such as this work order.

screenshot of Work Order showing a list of Activity Items including Background Check and Drug Screen

Navigating the Activity Item Admin Object

screenshot of the Workflow section of the Admin Menu, the Activity Item link is highlighted
1To view the list of activity items available in the tenant, select Activity Item from the Workflow section of the admin menu.

Activity Item List Page

Common examples of activity items are background checks, drug screenings, and badge return. The time in which the application releases these on/off-boarding items depends on the configuration of the item.

screenshot of Activity Item List page; the Action column, the Completion Type column, the Usage column, the Actor column, the When will this Activity Item be due column, and the Background Check details link in the Code column are highlighted
2Action is the on/off-boarding item that needs to be acted upon (ex: Background Check).
3Completion Type displays how the activity item can be fulfilled, such as marking an item as complete, adding an attachment, etc.
4Usage shows whether the activity item is mandatory or optional.
5Actor is the person responsible for marking the item as complete
6When will this Activity Item be due? is the configuration on when the application should release the activity item. If it is an onboarding item, you may configure it to be sent out a few days before/the day the worker’s assignment begins. If it is an offboarding item, you may configure it to be sent out a few days before the worker’s assignment ends or the actual end date.
7To view specific details on the activity item, select the link in the Code column.

Activity Item Details Page

An activity item’s details page displays additional information than the configuration data found within the list. The page itself also include blue rollover hints to provide additional information on certain data points.

screenshot of Background Check Details page, with the Actor section, the Usage row, the Completion Based On Prerequisite row, the Manager Sow Worker Activity Items On row, the Frequency row, and the Required for Work Order Activation row are highlighted

For this Actor, the following associations are necessary:

The Supplier must have the Site of the documents associated to an Account, and

The Supplier User (Actor) must be associated to an Account that is associated to the Site of the document


If ‘Optional’ is selected in the Usage field, the Activity Item can be removed prior to an Actor being assigned the Activity Item.

If ‘Mandatory’ is selected, the Activity Item cannot be removed.


If ‘No’ is selected in the Completion Based on Prerequisite field, a Prerequisite can be selected. Once the prerequisite is complete, the Activity Item will trigger based on the Due On information selected.

If ‘Yes’ is selected, the Prerequisite field becomes mandatory and the Activity Item will trigger immediately after its predecessor is complete.

Additionally, when ‘Yes’ is selected, the ‘Cancel Activity Item after Worker Close’ date will default to the value of the selected prerequisite’s field and be locked.

The option to define a prerequisite will not be applicable for Activity items with specific due dates.

11Prerequisite indicates if a separate activity is required to be completed before this activity item. In this instance, the background check is not based on any prerequisites so this field was left blank.

The Manage SOW Worker Activity Items On field controls when an activity item can be added to an SOW Worker. The activity item must be associated to an activity checklist that is valid for the SOW Worker.

When ‘Create’ is selected, this activity item will only be added when the SOW Worker is created.

When ‘Create and Revise’ is selected, the activity item can be also added to the SOW worker when a statement of work revision or SOW Worker revisions applies a new activity checklist.

13Frequency allows activity items to be configured to be pushed out once or on a recurring basis period.

Rule indicates any conditions that have been placed on this activity item. The condition is then used to determine if the activity item is applicable before assigning it to a document.

The Rule field is only available when certain values are chosen in the ‘When will this be due…’ field.

15Activating the Required for Work Order Activation? flag will prevent the Work Order from being Activated until all required Activity Items are completed. This flag does not impact Profile Workers.

Create an Activity Item

WorkingNet requires that hiring manager perform a worker evaluation 90 days after the worker's start date to ensure that the worker is performing as expected.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you’ll have to create an activity item for that purpose.

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