Managing Expense Codes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create an Expense Code in SAP Fieldglass.

Expense Code

Expense Codes are used for tracking any expenses a worker incurs while on the job, such as travel or equipment costs. They usually contain related Expense Types.

Each Expense Code is associated with a general ledger account code, thereby allowing for detailed financial tracking.

Expense codes associated to a Worker’s account will be visible as an option to select for reimbursement.

For instance, Joe’s driving expenses are covered by Expense Codes specific to driving and contain such Expense Types as Mileage and Fuel. When creating his expense sheet, he would select Mileage to specify the expense he is asking to be reimbursed for. The associated Expense Types would then calculate the amount that Joe should be reimbursed.

screenshot of worker expense sheet showing a list of Expense Codes, including Fuel and Mileage

Navigating the Expense Code Admin Object

screenshot of the Financial Data section of the Admin Menu, the Expense Codes link is highlighted
1To view a list of expense codes that been configured in the tenant, select Expense Code from the Financial Data section of the admin menu.

Expense Code List page

The types of items that workers can request reimbursements for will be listed here.

screenshot of Expense Code List page, the Billable column, the Capitalized column, the General Ledger Account Name column, and the link to the Mileage details page listed in the Code column are highlighted
2If this expense code is Billable, suppliers can use this expense in invoices; if it is not billable, it cannot be used in invoices.
3If Yes is selected in the Capitalized field, expenses assigned to this expense code will be capitalized. This field does not impact the invoice and is used for reporting and integrations.
4A General Ledger Account is a data item used for detailed tracking of task and expense codes. It is a mandatory selection for an expense code. This column indicates the general ledger account that the expense code is included in.
5To view the details of an expense code, select an appropriate link in the Code column.

Expense Code Details page

Reviewing the details page of an expense code will display the data elements found on the list page, as well as the Cost Centers the code is associated to.

screenshot of Mileage Expense Code Details page, the Mandatory Expense Receipt row and the Expense Type row are highlighted
6Mandatory Expense Receipt indicates whether a worker is required to attach a receipt when this expense code is used on an expense sheet.
7Expense Types are optional data items used to define rates applied to the specific types of reimbursable expenses, such as per diems or miles. As illustrated here, the Hotel expense type represents a per night maximum.

Create an Expense Code

Because of the data intensive nature of their work, WorkingNet allows external data network designers to expense their internet use.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will need to create a new Expense Code in SAP Fieldglass to allow external workers to expense their internet use.

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