Managing Invoice Tax Information


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create an Invoice Tax Information data object in SAP Fieldglass..

Invoice Tax Information

Invoice Tax Information codes can be created to capture tax information on invoices when the site requires a tax on contingent labor and services performed by an MSP.

Contingent labor and the services performed by an MSP are considered taxable under the tax laws of many countries. As such, invoices generated by SAP Fieldglass for suppliers in those countries must meet the required guidelines to be considered valid for obtaining tax credits.

The required tax information on an invoice can include items such as the VAT number, the address of the buyer/MSP/supplier, the country code, or a description of services.

split screenshot of an Invoice Tax Information record for Japan and the information it contains appearing on an invoice for a worker in Japan.

The information that is needed for these invoices must be entered into SAP Fieldglass for both buyers and suppliers. When the information has been entered, you can associate the information to the specific buyer sites that require this data.

To claim credits for taxes paid, it is imperative that the invoice a company receives be considered a valid tax invoice. Specific pieces of information must appear on the invoice, which can vary from country to country.

Navigating the Invoice Tax Information Admin Object

screenshot of Configuration section of the Admin Menu, the Invoice Tax Information link is highlighted
1To view the invoice tax information for WorkingNet, select Invoice Tax Information from the Configuration section of the admin menu.

Invoice Tax Information List Page

screenshot of Invoice Tax Information List page highlighting the AU link for Australia in the Code column

The invoice tax information list page displays only the code and name.

2To view the details of a invoice tax information code, select the appropriate link in the Code column.

Invoice Tax Information Details Page

screenshot of AU Invoice Tax Information Details page, highlighting the Tax ID Label row, the Tax ID Value row, and the value Lurnea/Sydney that appears as the value in the City row

The details page lists the invoice tax information code, name, and the address of the site that requires the tax, as well as the information identifying the tax itself.

3The Tax ID Label is what would be seen on an invoice as the title of the tax value. This ITI represents the Australian Business Number, so it’s acronym ABN is displayed.
4Tax ID Value is the actual number of the tax. The entered value is WorkingNet’s ABN.
5The ITI is associated to the Sites for which the tax is valid. In this case, it is associated to WorkingNet’s Sydney office.

Create Invoice Tax Information

WorkingNet sometimes engages with suppliers in the UK. In order to generate invoices for these suppliers, they must capture some specific data like an address in the UK as well as their VAT, or tax, number. To ensure this is included in every invoice created for these UK suppliers, WorkingNet would want to create Invoice Tax Information.

Each Invoice Tax Information item is created and specifically associated to applicable sites.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will configure this information from the admin menu.

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