Managing the Corporate Calendar


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain what a Corporate Calendar represents in SAP Fieldglass.
  • Navigate a Corporate Calendar admin object.
  • Create and add a holiday to a Corporate Calendar in SAP Fieldglass.

Corporate Calendar

Corporate Calendars are created to allow for regional differences in standard work schedules.

They allow users to appropriately schedule activities and milestones to ensure that they don’t occur during a period when there is no work activity for a particular site.

Corporate calendars do not appear as choices within transactions. Rather, they impact transactions by limiting or deferring certain activities during the periods defined on the calendar.

The Corporate Calendar is used to define non-work days such as weekends and holidays, which appear in purple on Time Sheets.

Navigating the Corporate Calendar Admin Object

Select the Corporate Calendar admin object from the Company Structure section of the admin menu to view the list of corporate calendars associated to WorkingNet’s tenant.

Create a Corporate Calendar

WorkingNet has expanded into South America, opening an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To accommodate Brazilian holidays, WorkingNet needs a company calendar in SAP Fieldglass for that office.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will need to create the company calendar and add the Brazilian Carnival as a holiday.

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