Navigating an Admin Object


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify and edit the data associated with an admin object data record.

Navigate an Admin Object

Admin Objects are the individual components that are listed under each main section of the Admin menu. They are the individual data objects that administrators can define and edit.

Learn to navigate and find data in an admin object with this interactive video. Perform the actions as prompted, or if you prefer, simply watch the video.

Editing a Data Record

screenshot of the top third of Maria Brown’s user record showing the Edit, Resend Invitation, Close User, Copy, and New buttons

The Actions buttons within the admin object details page allow you to create, edit, or copy a data record.

1In this instance, selecting the Edit button would allow you to edit Maria Brown’s user record.
screenshot of the edit page of Maria Brown’s user record emphasizing the Back to Details and Update buttons

The edit view is basically a version of the details page with editable fields. You would input changes into the fields that need updating. Note that depending on the admin object you’re trying to update, some fields may not be editable.

When you’ve finished editing…

2You can select the Back to Details button to return to the details page without saving the changes.
3You can select the Update button to save the changes and return to the data record details page.

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