Navigating an Admin Object


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to access an Admin Object.
  • Access the details of an admin data record.
  • Identify the data associated with an Admin Object.

Anatomy of an Admin Object

Admin Objects are the individual components that are listed under each main section of the Admin menu. They are the individual data objects that can be managed by administrators.

To access an Admin Object, simply click the name of the object you want to access.

Select the User admin object to see the options available for managing user records.

Navigating an Admin Object

Let’s see how well you can navigate an Admin Object. Try to find the cost centers associated to the Hours Worked Task Code, which is a Financial Data admin object.

Navigate the Admin Menu to find information about the Hours Worked Task Code. You will be asked some questions along the way.

Editing a Data Record

The Actions buttons within the admin object details page allow you to create, edit, or copy a data record. In this instance, selecting the Edit button would allow you to edit Maria Brown’s user record.

Select the Edit button in Maria Brown’s user record to edit the record.

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