Navigating Visualizer Thresholds


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Thresholds - Visualizer admin and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass.

Thresholds - Visualizer

SAP Fieldglass Visualizer is a collection of dashboards and graphs that can be used as business reporting tools to assist in corporate decision-making. They can be accessed via the Analytics menu in the main menu bar.

Using warning and critical level thresholds that you set with the Thresholds - Visualizer admin object, you can be visually alerted when performance measurements are not meeting expected success rates.

Watch the video for an example of how Visualizer can be used.

Navigating the Thresholds - Visualizer Admin Object

screenshot of the Workflow section of the Admin Menu, the Thresholds - Visualizer link is highlighted
1To view the visualizer setting that are enabled in the tenant, select Thresholds – Visualizer from the Workflow section of the admin menu.

Thresholds – Visualizer Details page

The Visualizer Thresholds are standard in SAP Fieldglass and can be edited here, but not added or deleted.

The metrics included in the Thresholds table are used in the Visualizer tool to present the state of their key performance indicators (KPI) using charts and dashboards. Each metric can be enabled and thresholds can be entered to alert buyers when the behavior of each is at a warning level and a critical level of performance.

screenshot of Thresholds – Visualizer Details page, the Critical and Warning columns and the Period column are highlighted
2The Critical and Warning columns indicate when the respective items will trigger their inclusion in a chart or graph. Thresholds are triggered when the respective conditions indicated in the Threshold column are at the indicated percentages in these columns.
3Period indicates the period for which the chart or graph is reporting. Reporting can be set to detail monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, and 2 year, or 3 year periods.

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