Setting up the Job Posting


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define the appropriate operational and Master Data elements that set the foundation of the Job Posting.

Setting up the Job Posting

Once the Job Posting source is determined, the actual Job Posting creation begins in the SAP Fieldglass application. The first page within the UI is shown as "Setup", and it is here that the user will populate the master data and baseline parameters for the Contingent procurement request.

The job posting Setup page requires that information such as start and end dates, the site, location, business unit, and cost center be input.

Screenshot of Job Posting setup page showing required details such as dates, site, location, and business unit, among others.

Set Up the Job Posting

Now that Melanie has selected the Job Posting Template, she can fill out the initial data for the Contingent procurement request.

Potential Candidates

Depending upon the status of some Workers associated with a particular position, a Job Posting may display what’s called the Potential Candidates widget to show Workers who may be available to fill that position.

Screenshot of Job Posting Potential Candidates Link on Job Seeker Tab of Job Posting
1The Potential Candidate link will reflect if any candidates are already available to fill this position.

These Workers will fall into one of four categories.

Screenshot of Potential Candidate Categories reflected after link is selected

The potential candidates alert can be selected by the user to view a list of Workers that fit any of the below criteria.

2Active Job Seekers will have been submitted in the last 4 months to a Job Posting that is still open and have not been hired or rejected.
3Workers Reaching End Date will appear if the worker is nearing his or her end date.
4Active Workers will appear if the worker has been active in the last 4 months.
5Workers in Talent Pool will appear if the Workforce record has been established or revised in the past 12 months and is not closed.

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