Updating List Views


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Update a List View in SAP Fieldglass.

List Views

Most data items in SAP Fieldglass are selected from lists. Those lists have a default set of fields that display as columns. The List Views admin object allows you to customize many of the lists that appear in the application.

split screenshot illustrating how the selections on the List Views admin object for a job posting correlates to the columns that appear on a list of job postings

Navigating the List Views Admin Object

screenshot of Configuration section of the Admin Menu, the List Views link is highlighted
1To view the list view configurations within WorkingNet, select List Views from the Configuration section of the admin menu.

List Views List Page

screenshot of List View List page, the List Name and List Type columns, as well as the Expense Sheet List link in the List Name column are highlighted

List views exist by default for most data items in SAP Fieldglass. As such, new list views cannot be created, but the existing list views can be edited.

2List Name is the corresponding name of the data item in the application. More than one list view may exist for a given data item depending on the type of data the item can display.
3List Type indicates the type of data that is affected by the list view. List types include: Current Data, Past Data, Work Items, Admin Data, Other Data, PMO Dashboard.
4To view the details of a list view, select the appropriate link in the List Name column.

List Views Details Page

screenshot of Expense Sheet Current Data List Details highlighting the Field Type and Is Default columns, a selectable X in the last column, and the Add Fields and Restore Defaults links

Though no new list views can be created, additional fields can, in some cases, be added to a given list view, including some custom fields. Some fields can also be removed.

5Field Type indicates if the field is a native (system) field or a custom field.
6Is Default? indicates whether the field is a default field for the list view or not. A blank value indicates the field was added as a column.
7Fields that display an X at the end can be removed by clicking on the X. Fields that do not display an X cannot be removed from the list.
8Use the +Add Fields link to add additional fields. Available fields that can be added to this list view will display in a modal window. Up to 20 columns can be added to a list view.
9Use the Restore Defaults link to restore the list to its default display. This will restore any deleted fields and delete any added fields.

Update a List View

Many of WorkingNet’s hiring managers have said that they have little use for the Contingent Type column on job posting lists and would rather see a list that shows the type of work the job posting was created for.

To accommodate their suggestion, the PMO team has decided to delete Contingent Type as a column and replace it with Labor Type.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you must now make the suggested change.

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