Uploading Data


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Upload Data into SAP Fieldglass.

Upload Data

Upload Data is where you would find the tools to take data files from another enterprise system and upload them into SAP Fieldglass.

Standard upload connectors must be enabled in the company configuration before they are available for use by a company. The format of the data entered in upload templates varies based on the data being uploaded.

Navigating the Upload Data Admin Object

screenshot of the Integration section of the Admin Menu, the Upload Data link is highlighted
1To view the upload controls and the list of upload templates available to WorkingNet’s tenant, select Upload Data from the Integration section of the admin menu.

Upload Data List Page

screenshot of Download Data List page highlighting the radio button next to a connector name and its relationship to the Choose File and Upload buttons, as well as the Type and Can Run For IU columns, and the Cost Center Upload connect link in the Name column

The Upload Data List page shows not only the available templates that can be populated for data upload but has the controls that allow the data to be uploaded. A brief description of each is listed to the right of each connector title. More information for each connector template is available by clicking the title of the connector.

  • a. You would download a connector by selecting the radio button next to the connector you want to download.
  • b. then selecting the Download button.
  • a. When you’ve populated the template with data, you would select the connector using the Choose File button.
  • b. then upload it with the Upload button.

There are two types of uploads:

  • BULK: Processes large amounts of data from a complete file.
  • API: Processes smaller amounts of data but can upload multiple files simultaneously.
5An integration can be marked as not selectable from the UI if the integration is configured as a backend process, such as a webservice. In such cases, the Can Run From UI would indicate ‘No.’
6To view the details of an upload connector, select the appropriate link in the Name column.

Upload Data Details Page

screenshot of Cost Center Upload Details page highlighting the View Guide link in the Standard Attachment row of the Connector Information section

You can review the configuration details of this connector here.

Some of the information on the connector can be edited. To do that, you would click the Edit button to change selected information about the connector or click Request to Disable to disable the connector.

7If you require even more information, you can select the View Guide link to be directed to SAP Help for more information about this connector.

Upload Data into SAP Fieldglass

WorkingNet’s new business unit, NetAlysis, recently hired a number of new employees who will need access to SAP Fieldglass. Nelson, WorkingNet’s director of Human Resources, downloaded a data file from the Human Resource Information System containing the information of the Users who will need access.

As you’re the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you’ll need to populate a User Upload connector with the data Nelson provided to perform a bulk upload of users.

Note that for bulk User uploads, the recommended solution is to create an integration to automate the process. The user connector we’re about to walk through has been leveraged as a manual upload for demonstration purposes.

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