Creating Audiences


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discover and evaluate ways to ensure customers are grouped into Audiences and then exported to destination applications.

Audience and Configurations

In SAP Customer Data Platform, customer activation or engagement is broadly split into two types: Audiences and CX Journeys. In this lesson, we focus on the Audiences feature.

An audience is a collection or group of customers with a certain classification. For example, all customers who are less than 30 years old and have purchased within the last 30 days.

Marketers can use audiences in marketing campaigns to build leads by applying conditions to profile attributes, segments, activities, and activity indicators.

Each audience is generated based on a contextual customer profile, a unified customer profile, or a group profile and is passed to the destination applications in batches using a file-based mechanism.

In addition, only customers with an active processing purpose, for example, Marketing consent, can be added as audience members.

Audience configurations within SAP Customer Data Platform include the following:

First is the prospect customer or group selection criteria.

Second is the properties or attributes of the customer profile or group to be passed based on the processing purposes given to each property. This includes the customer profile or group entity attributes, activities, activity indicators, and segments.

Third is the processing purpose customers have consented to, such as marketing terms.

Fourth is transfer or deliver frequency to the destination applications. Marketers can activate an audience for exporting data into an external application to meet different use cases. For example, they can run marketing campaigns on social media platforms. They can also run targeted e-mail campaigns based on customer actions and choices. Optionally, they can schedule the audience actions to run on a recurring schedule when exporting the audience to destination applications.

Once an audience is built, the Audience Management dashboard displays the number of potential audience members and their communication channels, such as SMS and e-mail. It also displays awareness reach or the number of members with at least one communication channel in SAP Customer Data Platform. The audience can then be activated by exporting it to a destination platform, such as cloud storage applications or REST-based applications that support batch actions.

Creating audiences

In the following video, you'll learn how to create an audience and how to activate it manually.

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