Preparing an Enablement Strategy


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain why an enablement strategy is relevant and what key elements are included

Enablement Strategy

Defining an enablement strategy is the essential starting point of every enablement project. Play the video for insights into why it's important to think about it early.

In your role as an enablement lead or training manager, defining an enablement strategy is a key task in the enablement planning phase (the prepare phase of SAP Activate).

Consider the following important points:

  • The enablement strategy is the foundation for identifying, engaging, and deploying relevant learning information to appropriate audiences in your program, project, and digital transformation initiative.
  • The strategy includes critical decisions and approaches to designing, constructing, and delivering enablement. It also includes communications to learners.
  • It integrates any necessary support functions, including tools and technologies.
  • It's the launching point for successful user adoption. It also provides a clear direction for all learning activities, aligning them with your overall business vision.
  • It provides a structured approach to ensure individuals use the new system effectively, perform their tasks efficiently, and adapt to new processes and workflows.
  • If you have no enablement strategy, you risk inadequate knowledge transfer, leading to confusion, errors, and inefficiencies.
  • The enablement strategy is a detailed document shared with all key stakeholders.

We discuss the concept of stakeholders in more detail in a later unit.

Play the video to learn more about an enablement strategy's key elements.

As you learn in the video, to transfer the upcoming changes into relevant, efficient, and impactful learning, the enablement strategy clearly documents all enablement activities.

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