Using SAP Fiori Apps to Submit Supplier Warranty Claims


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a supplier warranty claim using SAP Fiori Apps

SAP Fiori Apps for Warranty Claim Management - Supplier Recovery Processing (5HR)

Example SAP Fiori Apps for Warranty Claim Management - Supplier Recovery Processing (5HR)

The SAP Fiori app used to create a supplier warranty claim is called Manage Supplier Claims. Once a role based on the template role Claims Analyst (SAP_BR_CLAIMS_ANALYST_COMPL) has been assigned to a user, the SAP Fiori app can be found in the tile group called Manage Supplier Claim.

You start by creating a claim and specifying all relevant information for the claim such as the supplier, the equipment, the damage and the repair date. Other information concerns the claim source and the items and time (including costs) required to repair the equipment.

A claim requires one material with the indicator set Part Causing Damage. You also specify the amount associated with this part. The field Return Parts Status can be used to trigger a process where a specific part is returned to the supplier.

The claim can be sent automatically to the supplier. The processing status Waiting for Supplier Response is an indication that the claim has been sent. In the Output Management part of the screen, a print preview can be opened of the PDF that is sent to the supplier.

Once a supplier response is received, the field Decision can be used to indicate what response to the claim the supplier gave. This controls further processing of the supplier warranty claim.

Possible options for the decision are Approved, where the approved net amount is updated to the value of all items in the claim. Another option is Approved Partially where you have to indicate what amount/part the supplier is willing to reimburse. This total or partial amount can then be posted to SAP S/4HANA Public Edition, finance.

A third option for the decision is Rejected, where the approved net amount is set to zero.

Once processing of the claim is done, you set the claim to processing status Closed.

Supplier Warranty Claims Overview

The SAP Fiori app called Supplier Warranty Claims Overview can be used to generate a graphical overview of all supplier warranty claims created. You can see all recently created claims, all approved/rejected claims and also all supplier claims still in process.

From within a graphic, it is also possible to drill down to a list of all claims making up that specific graphic. You can then open one specific claim and start processing this claim.

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