Configuring Skills in SAP Service Cloud


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Skills in SAP Service Cloud


In the context of service processes and ticket management, various Skills are crucial for individuals, particularly those working in support or service roles. Here are some examples of key Skills associated with handling tickets effectively: 

Communication Skills 

Clear and Effective Communication: The ability to communicate clearly and concisely in written and verbal forms is essential. This includes providing updates to customers, documenting issues in tickets, and collaborating with team members. 

Technical Proficiency

Technical Knowledge: Depending on the nature of the service, having a strong understanding of relevant technologies, systems, or products is crucial for accurately diagnosing and resolving issues. 

Developing and honing these skills can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of individuals responsible for managing and resolving tickets within a service-oriented environment. Continuous training and a commitment to improvement are also important aspects of skill development in this context. 

In this lesson, first you will enable Skills in SAP Service Cloud and then you will determine Skills in a ticket. 

Skills in a Ticket

Skills in SAP Service Cloud

Skills functionality in SAP Service Cloud allows the assignment of required Skills in a ticket to ensure that only qualified agents are assigned. Some key points about Skills include:  

  • Skill functionality must be activated in scoping before it appears in a ticket.  
  • Maintain skills master data in the Skills work center. Skill groups and skills can be organized in a hierarchy.  
  • You can assign and maintain Skills for tickets, customers, employees, partner contacts, registered products, installed bases, and products.  
  • If you create a new ticket, Skills can be determined from the maintained Skills on the customer or registered product level. 
  • When assigning Skills to employees, you can manage valid dates.  
  • Skills can be set as mandatory for customers, registered products, and products.  
  • Skills associated with a product are inherited by registered products. 

Enabling Skills in SAP Service Cloud

In order to enable Skills in the system, first you must enable Skills in scoping. See the figure below to follow the steps. 

Skills Scoping

Steps to Enable Skills in Scoping 

Select the following: 

  1. Business Configuration 
  2. Implementation Projects 
  3. General Business Data 
  4. Skills Management 
  5. Select Skills Management and Save. 

Enabling and Configuring Skills in SAP Service Cloud

The Skills Management business topic allows you to maintain and evaluate skills to identify the right person for a specific task. Watch the following short video on how to enable and configure Skills in SAP Service Cloud. 

Summary Steps

  1. Enable Skills in Scoping 
  2. Grant the Administrator Permission to Skills in Work Center  
  3. Define Skills 
  4. Assign Available Skills on Customer Level 
  5. Testing Skills (configuration test)

Testing Ticket and Skills Configuration in SAP Service Cloud

The last step in this lesson is to test the Skills by creating a ticket, escalating it to an expert and changing the status.

Summary Steps

  1. Create a Ticket
  2. Escalate to an Expert  
  3. Change Status to 'Waiting for Feedback' 

Lesson Summary 

You should now be able to enable and configure Skills in SAP Service Cloud. In the next lesson, you will learn how to configure time entries and recording in tickets. 

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