Performing Adaptation Tasks


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Perform adaptation tasks to customize and extend SAP Service Cloud.

Performing Adaptation Tasks

Service Cloud Adaptation

Implementation consultants use the Adaptation mode to configure the User Interface in SAP Service Cloud. The changes made then affect the entire system. Use this feature to tailor the application to meet the specific requirements of the business. 

While the types of customizations are endless, some examples include:  

  • Adding a new field to a work center; 
  • Managing the ticket master layout;  
  • Changing field labels;  
  • Setting a field to required, visible or hidden. 

Enabling Adaptation

Adaptation mode must first be enabled. To do this select from the User menuSettingsAdaptation SettingsEnable Adaptation

How to Use Adaptation to Hide a Field in SAP Service Cloud

Select 'start exercise' below to guide you through a 2-minute practice simulation on how to enable Adaptation and then use the Adaptation mode to hide a field in SAP Service Cloud. 

Select 'Open PDF Document' to get a downloadable guide with all the steps for the exercise after you click start.


To summarize, here are the steps to enable Adaptation in SAP Service Cloud. 

Figure 2. How to enable Adaptation

You have now completed, Unit 1, where you viewed how an SAP consultant initiates a project by scoping out a client's needs and gathering the requirements of setting up the solution for their business.  


In the next unit, 'Configuring Tickets in SAP Service Cloud', you will learn how to enable tickets in SAP Service Cloud. 

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