Configuring the System to Allow Time Recording


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  • Configure the system to allow time recording

Configure Time Recording

Time recording must be configured for service technicians to record their time. A number of steps are involved.

First, Time recording must be activated in scoping. To do this, go to the questions section and open General Business Data; Employees and Service Agents; and Employees. Under the Time Recording section, ensure the question "Do you wish to enable Time Recording feature?" is in scope. Then, so that the recorded time is approved automatically, which releases it for invoicing, you can also check ‘in scope’ for the question "Do you want the system to automatically submit a time report for approval?".

The next step is to ensure that service agents have access to the time recording work center. This is done in the Administrator work center under General Settings; Business Roles.

Finally, to ensure that time entries are replicated as a cost object from SAP Service Cloud to the invoicing system, time entry must be added to the Service Cloud product catalog.

How to Configure Access to Time Recording

Configure Access to Time Recording

How to Configure a Service Product for Time Recording

Configure a Service Product for Time Recording

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