Creating Maintenance Plans


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plan

Single cycle plans are used to manage the service of machines and operational systems, which are always inspected and/or maintained in the same way, at fixed intervals.

Some examples of a single cycle plans are as follows:

  • Annual inspection of fire extinguishers
  • Technical inspection every two years
  • Inspection of boilers every six years as per pressure vessel regulations

The maintenance plan is composed of scheduling data and maintenance items, and is used for automatically generating maintenance call objects. In SAP S/4HANA Service, the maintenance call object service order is currently available.

The scheduling data contains the following information:

  • Cycle or service interval
  • Scheduling parameters for fine-tuning scheduling
  • List of planned dates and call dates

A Maintenance Item contains the following information:

  • Reference Object
  • Service Contract and Service Contract Item
  • Service Order Template
  • Service Order Type
  • Object List

A Maintenance Plan can have one or more Maintenance Items. For example, in pump service, one Maintenance Item refers to the pump transmission with the corresponding Service Order Template. Another Maintenance Item refers to the pump motor with the corresponding Service Order Template.

Create a Single Cycle Plan with call object Service Order

In the following you will find out how to create a Single Cycle Plan with call object Service Order.

Preventive Maintenance Service

This figure illustrates a typical Preventive Maintenance Service scenario:

  • A Maintenance Service Plan Item is linked to a Service Contract Item, a reference object and a Task List. Additionally, a Maintenance Order Type, a Maintenance Planner Group, a Maintenance Work Center and a Service Order Type is assigned to the Maintenance Plan Item.
  • After scheduling of the Maintenance Service Plan, a Maintenance Order which is linked to a Service Order Item has been generated.
  • The Maintenance Confirmation documents the actual efforts and spare parts used, which serve as a basis for the following billing process.
  • It is possible to choose between resource-related and fix-price billing.

Maintenance Service Plan

Maintenance Service Plan - Strategy Plan: Overview

Business Process: Strategy plans are used when activities that are due at different intervals are graded.

For example, the strategy plan can be used to manage maintenance activities of a car in the following ways:

  • Check fan belt every 12 months

  • Change fan belt every 24 months

  • Check air filter every 6 months

  • Change air filter every 12 months

Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance strategy:

  • Maintenance Packages

  • Scheduling indicator

  • Default values

The maintenance strategy consists of several maintenance packages and represents the scheduling rule for preventive maintenance. You can assign maintenance strategies to task lists. The scheduling indicator determines the scheduling type.

Some examples of scheduling indicators are as follows:

  • Time-based using key date

  • Time-based according to factory calendar

  • Performance-based

You can assign maintenance packages to a maintenance strategy. The packages for a strategy can have different cycle units (for example, month or year), but they must always have the same dimension (for example, time).

The important parameters for a maintenance package are as follows:

  • Package number

  • Description

  • Cycle length

  • Unit of measurement

  • Hierarchy

If two packages are due on the same date, the hierarchy determines which package is performed first.

  • Offset

    The offset determines the first due date for a package.

  • Initial or subsequent buffer

    The initial or subsequent buffer specifies to what extent the intended start and end dates for a package can vary.

Display a Maintenance Strategy

In the following you fill find out how to display a Maintenance Strategy.

Task Lists and Maintenance Strategy

Task lists can be created for use in preventive maintenance. To prepare task lists for use in strategy plans, the following steps are required:

  • Assign a maintenance strategy in the task list header.

  • Assign packages to different operations in the task list.

    This defines the frequency with which the operations have to be executed.

Maintenance Service Plan - Strategy-Based Maintenance Plan

You assign a maintenance strategy to a strategy-based maintenance plan.

Only a task list that has the same maintenance strategy as the maintenance plan can be assigned to a strategy-based maintenance plan.

Create a Maintenance Service Plan with assigned Maintenance Strategy

In the following you will find out how to create a Maintenance Service Plan with assigned Maintenance Strategy.

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