Exploring SAP S/4HANA Service


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Overview of SAP S/4HANA Service

Business models are changing

Organizations strive to transform their business away from product-centric towards outcome-centric. Companies in product-centric and asset-intensive industries are at risk of missing opportunities.

Motivation to run SAP S/4HANA Service

SAP S/4HANA connects the entire enterprise service management business processes across lines-of-business, enabling the organization to create new revenue streams, while protecting current business.

In particular SAP S/4HANA Service supports the concept "customers for life" by transforming the service business:

  • Deliver outcome based services and measure customer success
  • Plan and operate your service business based on customer demand
  • Embrace digitalization of service and drive innovation with intelligent services

The following areas are covered:

Technical Service:

Run the operational Service from planning to fulfillment for all variants of on-site and in-house technical service

Commercial Service:

Sign and manage contractual agreements, design Service Portfolio, manage bundles for service, products, subscriptions and projects

Service Analytics:

Offer advanced analytical tools, escort Service execution with interactive and intelligent Analytics

Service Business Planning:

Run a Service Business holistically, identify new Services, define and offer as part of value and product chain

The areas of S/4HANA Service as well as solutions interacting closely with it can be displayed as follows:

SAP S/4HANA Service On-Premise interacts closely with SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management.

S/4HANA Service On-Premise

The focus of S/4HANA Service OnPrem can be described as follows:

  • Planned Service

  • Complex Service

SAP Service Cloud

The focus of the SAP Service Cloud can be described as follows:

  • Self Service

  • Execution of simple service tasks

SAP Field Service Management

The focus of S/4HANA Service OnPrem can be described as follows:

  • Customer self service
  • Planning and Dispatching
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Smartforms
  • Analytics

Additionally, SAP S/4HANA Service is integrated as follows:

  • Furthermore data can be exchanged with Asset Management: Predictive Maintenance, Asset Network, Asset Performance

  • For reporting purposes the data can be checked using Analytics: Augmented Analytics, Digital Boardroom, Self-Service Data Exploration

The SAP service strategy aims at integrating existing Front office and Back office functionality.

Back Office

SAP CRM Service and SAP ERP Customer Service were used as a basis and enhanced when developing SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management. SAP S/4HANA for customer management finally evolved to SAP S/4HANA Service On Premise/Private Cloud which is an integral part of SAP S/4HANA On Premise / Private Cloud.

Front Office

Service engagement center and SAP Cloud for Customer were used as a basis and enhanced when developing SAP S/4HANA Service Public Cloud.

Integration of Front Office with Mobile Solutions

SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP CRM Service Manager as well as SAP Work Manager were used to map mobile service processes. The integration of the Front Office with Mobile Solutions has finally evolved to a combination of SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management (formerly known as CORE systems).

S4700 covers the processes of S/4HANA Service On Premise / Private Cloud. Further information on SAP S/4HANA Service Public Cloud can be found through https://help.sap.com.

SAP S/4HANA Service is based on SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management. The design of SAP S/4HANA Service eliminates functional redundancies and data replication:

  • "Best of both worlds": identify functional redundancies and select most suitable object / engine / process

  • Unify CRM and S/4HANA objects: unified objects share the same database representation, and thus require no middleware

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