Describing and Displaying Products

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe and display Products in SAP S/4HANA Service


Products are services and goods that are the object of a company's business activities and can be differentiated as follows:

  • Service material/service product: Description of a service, for example, onsite service of a service technician.

  • Component planning: Spare parts or components that can be assigned to documents, such as a service order, for example, power supply that needs to be replaced.

  • Structuring of Technical Objects: Tangible products can be divided as follows:

    • Material as bill of material item, for example, power supply assigned to a bill of materials (BOM).

    • Material as construction type, for example, a material representing the series of a machine.

    • Material serial number, for example, a machine that you want to track as an individual piece of equipment.

The product master provides you with information on the products that your company purchases and sells. It is the central source from which product-specific data can be retrieved. Product information is used in marketing, sales, and service processes.

You need to maintain Sales area specific data for Service products.

The assignment of an Item Category to a Service Product triggers the usage in Service documents, for example, Service Order Quotations and Service Orders.

A configuration profile must be created for each configurable material. This profile defines certain characteristics of the configuration.

In the configuration profile or in the material master, the material is assigned to one or more classes. Each class contains one or more characteristics. You can define the possible values for each characteristic using characteristic values.

You can also assign sales conditions (for example, prices, surcharges, or discounts) for characteristic values. The system takes the variant conditions into account during pricing for the service contract.

You find more detailed information how to use configurable service products in unit Working with Service Contracts.

You need to maintain Sales area-specific data for Spare Parts.

The assignment of the Item Category to a Spare Part triggers the usage in Service documents, for example, Service Order Quotations and Service Orders.

A product bundle is a combination of different products that are sold together as a whole. The bundle components can be tangible products, services, or service contract items.

A product bundle always has a bundle product that ties the bundle components together and is typically composed of various relationships at different hierarchy levels.

Product bundles are designed to meet certain customer requirements. Using product bundles provides you with the following benefits:

Different products can be combined based on specified rules.

  • Product bundles can contain optional components as well as alternative components in component groups.

  • Products can be offered as part of a whole, but processed in different follow-up business transactions.

  • Products can have special prices when offered as part of a product bundle.

You find more detailed information on the use of Product Bundles in unit, Working with Service Contracts.

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