Working with Service Confirmations


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  • Describe, create, and process Service Confirmations

Service Confirmation

When the Service Technician has finished their work, they can enter their time confirmation and enter their material consumption, for example, spare parts of a technical asset at customer site that needed to be replaced.

A service confirmation is a business transaction used to enter the actual work performed and materials consumed within the context of a service process. You can use service confirmations to enter working times (including travel time and overtime), distance traveled, service products, and spare parts.

When creating the service confirmation as a follow-up document, the system automatically proposes the planned items for selection. Items that you select are copied to the service confirmation document. Prices, reference objects, and subjects, as well as conditions and working times for assignments, are defaulted from the product master data of the items into the order.

Prior to submitting a confirmation, you can add or correct data, or create new items for services, service parts, expenses, or tools that were not originally planned in the order. You can create multiple confirmations for an order, for example, if you are required to make confirmations on a daily basis but require more than a day to complete an assignment. If multiple service representatives are working on an assignment, they can also confirm individually.

You can cancel a Service Confirmation, in case you have created faulty Service Confirmations.

You can set the flag for Final Confirmation to indicate that there are no further Items for confirmation expected.

Sales items cannot be maintained within a service confirmation.

The status of the confirmation items need to be set to Completed. If not, they cannot be released for billing.

Service (Product) Items can be used to confirm travel and working times. Additionally, you can include installation information using the Reference Objects assignment block.

The following information can be assigned to Service Product Items to describe in detail the consumed time and material:

  • Actual duration

  • Quantity

  • Valuation Type

  • Service Type

  • Accounting Indicator

  • Status

Service part items can be used to confirm consumed parts (spare parts).

You can enter serial numbers for service parts in service confirmations. The system validates the serial numbers that you enter.

The Serial No. Processing within a product master field indicates whether serial numbers are relevant for a certain product, and how a serial number created in a document should be validated.

For service parts in service confirmations in the CRM WebClient UI, you can enter serial numbers manually. In the general data for the service part item, the Serial Number field is available for this purpose. If the quantity you entered for a service part is greater than one, you can enter other serial numbers in the Reference Objects assignment block by using Edit List.

Expense Item

You can enter actual costs for expenses such as hotel receipts and parking fees.

Fixed Price Item

You can enter actual values for services and products, which can differ from the planned values of the Service Order Quotation or the Service Order. Nevertheless, the planned values are relevant for Service Billing.

When all Service Confirmations have been entered in the system, you can set the Service Order status to Completed.

The status Completed is a prerequisite for releasing the items to be billed for billing.

Internal Service Processing: Create a Service Confirmation

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