Working with Service Order Quotations and Solution Quotations


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  • Describe, create, and process Service Order Quotations and Solution Quotations

Service Order Quotation and Solution Quotation

A service representative manually creates a service quotation or a solution quotation for a special technical service to be executed and sends it to the customer (as a printout).

After the customer accepts the service quotation or solution quotation, the service representative converts the quotation to a service order for this special technical service.

You can create Service Order Quotations on the basis of Service Requests or create them directly.

A new Service Order Quotation is created with Status Open. You can assign further details, such as a description, the Sold-to Party, a priority, validity dates, and a Reference Object.

At the item level, you can assign products to offer services and spare parts to a customer.

When the customer has accepted the Service Order Quotation, you need to release the assigned items. As a result, the status of all items switches to Completed. Furthermore, at header level, the information All items accepted is visible.

Solution quotations are legally binding offers with fixed conditions.

With a solution quotation, you can offer your customers solutions consisting of combinations of different types of products (physical goods, services and so on). These combinations are modeled as product bundles in your master data. When you enter product bundles as items in a quotation, the bundle components are displayed automatically as sub items.

When a quotation has been released and accepted, follow-up transactions are generated automatically.

You can use the Service Order Quotation Search SAP Fiori app to search according to numerous selection criteria, for example, all Service Order Quotations with Status Open.

You can use this SAP Fiori App also to display Solution Quotations.

In the result list, you can choose from a large number of columns to be displayed.

Internal Service Processing: Create a Service Order Quotation for defective equipment

Internal Service Processing: Create a Solution Quotation for installing new equipment

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