Adding Event Content from the Sourcing Library and Past Events


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Add content from the sourcing library and other events.

Event Content Addition from the Sourcing Library and Past Events

What Is the Sourcing Library?

The Sourcing Library is a repository for reusable sections, questions, requirements, and attachments. Your organization can use it to store best practices documents, questionnaires, commercial terms, or other related information that can help consistency among events within the organization. Using library content also makes event creation quicker. By reusing information, you save time compared to creating content from the beginning.

Add content from the Sourcing Library.

You can add library content in the same way as other components. Select the checkbox box next to the section name and choose Content from finder or More actions of the section and choose Content from finder.

In addition, you can select More actions at the top right of the event window, select Event settings, and then Add content from finder.

Choose Actions, then Content from Finder

You’re given a list of available content to copy to your event. Select the checkboxes for the content that you want to add and choose Select. If you want all the content, select the top checkbox or choose Add all content without selecting any checkboxes.

Choose Business Conditions, and add Additional content.

The library content that you selected is now copied to the content area of your current event, after the section you selected. If you want the content to exist within the section, you drag and drop it into the section. After that, delete any section that you don't want.

Past Events
  1. In the From field, select Past Events.
  2. Search through the past events to find the correct event. Choose the event, then chooseSelect.
  3. Select the content that you want to copy to the new library document.
    • Note that the hierarchical structure of the content is enforced.
    • For example, if you choose to copy a certain line, you also copy all content nested in that line.
  4. Select Copy. The Create Content page displays with the selected event content added.
  5. Modify the content if required.

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