Navigating Tabs and Action Menus


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce menu options and content items
  • Access projects from the dashboard

Tabs and Action Menus on the Dashboard

Exploring the default Dashboard in SAP Ariba Sourcing

When an end-user of SAP Ariba Sourcing logs in, they are presented with the Home Dashboard which contains a series of product tabs and portlets containing links to SAP Ariba Sourcing documents and various common actions. Dashboards provide a customizable landing page and interface which allows users to easily access tasks, documents, and other content.

Solutions Menu Bar

The Solutions menu bar appears for all users, and the documents and tab visibility settings are controlled by the user groups and association with documents.

Users are able to add and remove menu items to the menu bar to get easy access to the frequently used items.

On the Solutions Menu Bar in the system, you can select More to see the full list of solutions enabled within the realm that the user has permission to access.

Default Dashboard in SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

Select each plus icon to explore the menu options on the SAP Ariba dashboard. These options can be found under Common Actions on the left side of the dashboard.

Content Items of the Dashboard

In the main area of the dashboard, you’ll see a variety of content items. These are customizable, so the options you see will likely vary.

My Documents

List the documents and projects to which you have access, as well as your Personal Workspace folder. Clicking a document, project, or folder on the list opens it from the dashboard.

To Do

List of open tasks on which you must perform some action.


A generated reminder to recipients, primarily after a project is completed, to perform a task.

Default Dashboards

Select each number icons to explore the options on the dashboard.

Project Access from Dashboard

For an overview of how to access a project and return to the dashboard, watch this video.

Adding Projects to Watched Projects

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