Executing Searches


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use search filters
  • Save preferred searches

Project Search

Searching for Documents

You can search for various types of projects and documents, including knowledge projects, analytical reports, savings forms, contract workspaces, events, supplier and customer organizations, and SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing projects. You can also search for project templates.

Searches can be initiated on the SAP Ariba dashboard directly. The search displays results matching the search terms entered.

Select the plus icon to learn more about Searches on the SAP Ariba dashboard.


Users must be part of the project team in order for a specific document or project to appear in their searches.

How to use the Search Page

You open the Search page by navigating to the dashboard bar, selecting the type of project or document you want to search for, and clicking the search icon, or by clicking the search icon in the upper right corner of many workflow task pages.

By default, the Search page opens with search results if you navigated to the page from a saved search or if you entered data in the search field in the search bar. Otherwise, the system displays a list of the projects and templates you have most recently viewed and does not perform a search until you click Search. (SAP Ariba Customer Support can modify this behavior by setting system parameters.)

Select the plus icons to learn about the menu items of the Search page.

To search for matches in specific project fields, click the + button to add a field filter.

The fields are listed according to the frequency with which they are used as filters. The most frequently used filters appear at the top of the list. (The order changes over time to reflect the filters you typically select.)

If you have previously entered values in search filter fields for the same project or document type in your current login session, the system displays these values but does not perform a search until you click the Search button. To clear the filter values, click Reset.

At the bottom of the search filter list is an Others option, which you can use to select multiple field filters at one time. The Others option opens a dialog box that lists all the available fields in alphabetical order.

For an understanding about performing searches and using search filters, watch this video.

Saved Searches Overview

When users run the same search multiple times, they can create Saved Searches . You run saved searches directly from their dashboard.

Select the plus icons below to learn more about the steps to create a Saved Search.

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