Matching Knowledge Documents to Phases Using Keywords


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use keywords in knowledge projects

Matching Knowledge Documents to Phases using Keywords

"Ok, if I understand this correctly, our administrators will have to create keywords to link documents with phases and projects."

You use keywords to match knowledge documents (documents in knowledge projects) to phases containing tasks, but not to individual tasks. Matching knowledge documents to a phase using keywords is a subscribe–publish relationship.

  1. Knowledge documents publish keywords
  2. Phases in projects subscribe to keywords

You can only subscribe to keywords in phases in a project template. You cannot create ad hoc subscriptions to keywords in individual project phases.

The video demonstrates how users can publish keywords and match them to knowledge project documents and to sourcing full project phases. Select the play button to watch.

Create a Knowledge Project


In this course, you learned how to create a full sourcing project in SAP Ariba and how to perform the tasks associated with a full project, such as creating groups, tasks, access controls, and more. You also learned how to create sourcing requests and knowledge projectes in SAP Ariba.

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