Searching within the Help Center


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use search filters

Search within the Help Center

  • The search bar is used to find information across product documentation, knowledge base articles, frequently asked questions, support notes, release updates, articles and more.
  • It is best to use key words for specific documents or activities in the search command.
    • Quotation Marks (") can be used around text for an exact match search which is beneficial when looking for specific error message text or guide names.

Documentation within Help Center

Advanced Search within Documentation

Within Help Portal (Documentation), the search bar offers an Advanced Search for partial, full, or exact searches across user guides.

Filtering Results by Content Types


The Help Center Search offers filters after executing a search, including Type. The icon on the right side of the result indicates the type, and the results can be refined in the menu on the left, or by Date and Relevance drop-down field in the top-right.


Opens product documentation in and serves as a directory and search across user guides.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Includes both a specified question and answer.

Support Note

Provides an issue, cause, and solution.  The solutions within Support Notes are created from Customer Support.


Breakdowns of topics that address a specific topic.  Often include subtopics and references to configurations, customizations, observations, and more.

Release Update

Overviews or explanations of newer features that are introduced. Content often provides a required action, change impact, or proposed solution with supporting materials.


Short "how to" videos on how to perform an activity in the site.


Tags can be used as additional filters to navigate across topics within the Help Center.

Monique wants to learn more about the prepackaged reports that she can run in the site. She can use the search feature within the Help Center to locate documentation on reporting.

For an understanding on how to search for documentation within the Help Center, watch this video.

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