Translating Event Content


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand how event content can be translated

How to Translate Event Content


Buyers can add parts of event content in extra languages so that team members and suppliers from different locales can view event content in their preferred language.

Single-event guided sourcing projects have several fields that can be translatable into different languages.


Single-Field translation:
  1. Edit the sourcing event to which you want to add translations.
  2. To add translations to the event title, and other header fields, select the Translations link associated with it. Single-field translations. enter translations and choose Save.

    On the resultant popup, you can see the field value in the base language and placeholders for translations in extra languages.

  3. Enter the translations in the placeholders for the languages of your choice.

    Note that you don't have to enter translations for all available languages.

  4. Save your changes.
Mass translation of event content:
  1. Open the sourcing event to which you want to add translations.
  2. Choose More Actions, and under Event Settings, select Set event translations. Choose Publish, Event Settings, Set event translations..
  3. Select up to three, languages, and choose select. Choose up to three languages and choose Select.
  4. Navigate through the Event DetailsItemsQuestions. Choose the Enter Translation link and enter the value.Choose the Event translations link and enter a value.

For a demonstration of event translations, watch this video.

Translate Event Content

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