Describing Posting Levels and Document Types


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the concept of posting levels
  • Describe the concept of document types

Posting Levels and Document Types

Posting Levels

Posting Level – Key Points

  • Posting levels identify the origin of data for each consolidation process.

  • With the help of the posting level dimension, you can report on the data for each consolidation process separately.

  • It's not possible to define your own posting levels,because posting levels are built-in to the solution.

In the following figure, you can see the posting levels that are posted to when you run tasks in the data and consolidation monitors.


When launching the manual posting apps, the user is free to select various document types, and therefore, posting levels.

Currency translation applies primarily to 00, but may apply to 0C, 01, and 10.

Document Types

Document Types – Key Points

  • Document types are assigned to posting levels and document number ranges.

  • Document types are more detailed than posting levels and are used to identify the type and source of data.

  • Posting levels and document types together provide the ultimate audit trail.

  • Document types are off-the-shelf, and you can create your own.

  • Every posting record is assigned to a document type with user and date/time of entry information.

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