Adding Characteristics


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define the data elements that make up SOW Characteristics.
  • Demonstrate the addition of Events, Schedules, Fees, and Management Events to an SOW.
  • Calculate Characteristic accounting details and the impact on budget.


Adding characteristics is the fourth step in the creation of an SOW.

The bulk of an agreement between a buyer organization and the service provider is comprised of various activities that result in payment or event tracking. These activities are referred to as Characteristics, and they define the specifics of a project, such as costs, timelines, and milestones.

Define the Characteristics

Characteristics can be added manually to an SOW during its creation, but to simplify the creation process a library of pre-configured characteristics can be added to an SAP Fieldgass tenant through the admin menu. This is an entirely optional step in the tenant configuration, but for fees or events that are regularly used, it can streamline the process for users creating an SOW. It can also facilitate more accurate reporting if the same characteristics are used across multiple projects, for organizations who include characteristic types in their analytics.

Within SAP Fieldglass, there are a variety of these activities:

  • Management Events = Milestones that do not incur costs, such as status reports.
  • Schedules = Payments to be made to the supplier according to a preset schedule or date.
  • Events = Milestones that incur costs upon completion, such as project deliverables.
  • Fees = Payments to be made to the supplier on a per unit basis, such as equipment costs.

Add Characteristics to the SOW

Characteristics can be added from a pre-configured library, or project-specific deliverables can be added here for use only with this SOW.

At this stage, Patricia will enter the SOW Characteristics that will comprise the overall agreement. Characteristics define the project deliverables and specify all the details around what work will be carried out, when, and how, along with the payment terms.

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