Creating Formulas


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the uses of formulas, such as finding the time difference between two date fields.

Create Formulas for Multiple Reports

There are many great fields available within SAP Fieldglass Analytics, many of which satisfy the needs of organizations that use the product. However, there are times when a data field is required that does not already exist, and this is where Formulas come in.

Mateo is asked to provide a report with workers nearing their end date. He needs a field to show how many days are left in the worker’s assignment. This is not a field in the SAP Fieldglass data dictionary, so Mateo will need to create a Formula to calculate the days until the worker end date.

After the Formula is created, Mateo will be able to add the Formula field to reports. Since Mateo is an SAP Fieldglass administrator, he has the Formula Field user role permissions to be able to create Formulas.

That is how you can create Formulas to satisfy your reporting requirements in SAP Fieldglass Analytics. Now that the Formula is created, Mateo can open an existing report, or create a new one, and add the "FOR_Worker Days Left on Assignment" formula field the same way he would add a native field to a report.

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