Using an SOW Type


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how SOW Types impact Classifications and SOW Templates.
  • Review the configurable attributes within an SOW Type.
  • Create an SOW Type.

SOW Type

Some organizations have many SOW Templates, with many of those templates sharing common attributes. SOW Type functionality allows buyer companies to categorize or organize templates to match their organization’s structure. This will allow users to quickly find and search for the necessary templates during SOW creation and to streamline the creation of adding new templates to their SAP Fieldglass tenant.

Create an SOW Type

In order to associate SOW templates to SOW Types, you of course need an SOW Type!

SOW types define the fields that appear and affect the choices that are made when creating statements of work. Thus, creating an SOW type does not require the entry of new information (other than the name of the type), but requires you to determine what fields and options will appear on the SOW template.

Though Patricia, the Director of Networking and Network Security for WorkingNet, was never required to select an SOW type when she created the statement of work for WorkingNet’s data center project, the ‘IT’ type that was associated to the template defined a lot of the settings on her SOW.

As the SAP Fieldglass admin for WorkingNet, creating the SOW Type is your responsibility.

Your task is to create the SOW Type for IT projects so that SOW templates associated to that type present the appropriate fields and require accurate information for creating IT-related SOWs.

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