Configuring Custom Text


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Custom Text in SAP Fieldglass.

Custom Text

Custom Text allows organizations to replace most of the default terms used in SAP Fieldglass with terms commonly used by the organization.

This allows users to recognize application functions based on the internal terminology used. This affects all menus, lists, and titles that contained the original text and applies to the entire Buyer company, displaying for all users. For example, this company uses the term "Service Contract" instead of Statement of Work or SOW, so they've instructed SAP Fieldglass to use their preferred term in place of the SAP Fieldglass default term.

split screenshot of Custom Text Details page showing Business Unit entry adjusted to read Division, and how that changes the Business Unit field on a job posting to Division

Navigating the Custom Text Admin Object

screenshot of Configuration section of the Admin Menu, the Custom Text link is highlighted
1To view a list of custom text entries associated to the tenant, select Custom Text from the Configuration section of the admin menu.

Custom Text List Page

screenshot of Custom Text List page highlighting the Company Default link for the English (United Kingdom) language

Custom Text can be created for each language enabled in the company configuration and will display the language that has been customized. For example, if custom text has been configured in English but not Japanese, English-speaking users will see customized text, but Japanese-speaking users will not.

2To view the details of custom text, select an appropriate link in the Name column.

Custom Text Details Page

screenshot of English (United Kingdom) Custom Text Details page highlighting the Section, Default Value, and Assigned Value columns

The details page lists all of the values that can be customized for a language. There are nine areas of SAP Fieldglass in which labels can be customized.


Section indicates the labels that can be customized:

  • Background Check is used to create custom text associated with background checks.
  • Contact Us is used to modify custom text that will display when a user clicks the Help icon and selects Contact Us from the menu that is displayed. Unique Contact Us information can be created for buyers, suppliers and workers.
  • Custom Label is used to create custom labels that will appear throughout the user interface.
  • Create Menu Items is used to create custom text that is displayed when a user clicks the Create menu.
  • Report Header and Report Footer are used to create a global report headers and footers. They are shown on all reports (except CSV) that have no report-level headers or footers defined.
  • Worker Registration is used to create custom text that is displayed for workers when they are creating their SAP Fieldglass worker accounts and when entering time or expense sheets.
  • Service Request is used create custom text associated with service requests.
  • Tenant Selection is used to create custom text that is displayed when a user is selecting a specific option.
4SAP Fieldglass supplies Default Values for all sections. This content displays if an Assigned Value has not been established.
5Customized values are displayed in the Assigned Value column. Any values displayed here override the default values for a respective section.

Create Custom Text

SAP Fieldglass is natively configured to use the term "Worker" to refer to the people who are hired as part of a contingent workforce.

However, WorkingNet has always used the term "Resource" to refer to contingent workers, so they would like to align their SAP Fieldglass tenant to that existing terminology to ensure a seamless workflow.

Here’s how you will customize the text in SAP Fieldglass.

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