Configuring SOW Clauses and Characteristics


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Add default Clauses to the SOW Template.
  • Set up Characteristics on the SOW Template.

Clauses and Characteristics


Once the details of the SOW have been configured transactionally, the next two sections require you to accept or add clauses and characteristics.

Clauses are the legal terms for standard regulatory governance polices and conditions and may outline the contractual language or agreement between a buyer and a supplier.

Specific clauses can be added to SOW template so they appear by default when creating an SOW, or they can be added optionally during the creation.


Characteristics define the specifics of a project, such as costs, timelines, and milestones. They are represented on the SOW as Management Events, Schedules, Events, and Fees.

In the SOW template, you must indicate whether clauses and characteristics are mandatory or optional, then you must define any that might need to be defaulted based on the type of template you’re creating.

Configure the SOW Template Clauses and Characteristics

As the SAP Fieldglass admin for WorkingNet, you’re responsible for creating the ‘Information Technology – T&M’ template Patricia used to create the SOW for WorkingNet’s. data center expansion project.

You’ve completed the details section of the SOW Template, now it’s time to define the clauses and characteristics.

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