Exploring the Management Event Library


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate a Management Event Library admin object and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass.

Management Event Library

The Management Event Library allows Administrators to create and maintain a list of management events for use within the SOW module.

Management events do not result in invoices, so they are used for deliverables that are required during the course of a project but are not directly tied to a payment, such as kick-off meetings, mid-point reviews, or status reports.

Management events from an associated Management Event Library can be selected from the Management Events tab in the Characteristics section of an SOW.

screenshot of the characteristics page on a statement of work showing the Project Kick-Off Meeting and Project Status management events listed on the management events tab

Navigating the Management Event Library Admin Object

screenshot of Services section of the Admin Menu, the Management Event Library link is highlighted
1To view the list of Management Events in the tenant, select Management Event Library from the Services section of the admin menu.

Management Event Library List Page

screenshot of Management Event Library List page, with the Actor User Type column, the Schedule Type column, and the Project Status link in the Code column highlighted

Management Events may be initiated by suppliers or buyers, and they display as work items on the actor’s desktop at the appropriately scheduled time. Management Events can be added when creating an SOW from a template, and they can be copied from the Library.

2Actor Type Used indicates whether the supplier or buyer is responsible for completing the event.
3Schedule Type indicates if the event occurs once or recurs on a regular interval. If it is a recurring event.
4To view the details of a Management Event, select an appropriate link in Code column.

Management Event Library Details Page

screenshot of Project Status Management Event Details page highlighting he Schedule Type detail

A Management Event record displays the same information as the list page. However, if it is a recurring event, the details page displays the frequency and start period of the event.

5If the event does not occur more than once, the Schedule Type would be listed as ‘Regular’ and the Frequency and Start Period rows would not appear.

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